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Hi, I am about to start a SEND folder and would like to have guidance on what others put in theirs. This is some of my ideas but not sure what others have

Communication and language section with blank forms and information sheets.

Autism section.

Transition section.

Behaviour section

Outside agencies section

Training records.

Many thanks


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Well I have an information section - which is what you have split up into its many parts, but also I have my SEN register, Useful contacts and their numbers, a running list of who visits and when, why etc. copy of our Policy, a copy of the Early Years part of the new SEND 14 manual, referral forms.

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Hi Panders

Yes I have a separate folder for SEND 2014, (early years SEND, parents carers and the full SEND 2014), I also have a folder per child with all information in etc outside agencies, ieps, playplans, dates etc but I am comprising a folder with just general information in, e.g. behaviour strategies, leaflets, autism, PECS, communication, courses that we have attended and any advice or paperwork from these courses. Am I doing too much or does every setting have these?

I am in a preschool which supports children from 2-5 years of age



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I think this is a great idea but be careful that your folder doesn't get too full. I began something similar and enthusiastically gathered lots of leaflets, only to end up with a very large folder that wasn't used! Maybe ask each key-person to chat to their parents about what information they would find helpful and go from there. I've found the following sites helpful, all the information is free to download:

Useful leaflets about behaviour: http://www.understandingchildhood.net/ It might also be worth contacting your Children's Centre (if you have any left) or Health Visitors (again, if you can find one) to see what they give out so parents are receiving consistent messages.

General information about speech and language development as this is often an area of concern:


Or: http://www.talkingpoint.org.uk/directory/free-resources-parents

Information about Glue Ear in a range of languages: http://www.ndcs.org.uk/family_support/glue_ear/

Useful information about toiletting: http://www.eric.org.uk/Help/home

I'd keep the information fairly general and not focus on specific areas such as Autism, ADHD or Dyspraxia as a fact sheet can often be misleading and cause anxiety. I'm sure that your parents already know to speak to you or the key person if they have any concerns about their child's development and you would contact other professionals for advice. Good luck! :1b

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Guest youngrisers

Our SENCO has just put together a useful folder which contains info and current website info for parents. we also put in a copy of the info sheets received via our area SENCO so parents could see and staff for that matter how much paperwork is now involved in the LIFT process and EHC plans. more paperwork than ever methinks?

never mind onwards and upwards

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