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Interesting to see Sam Gyimah's complete side stepping of the issue because obviously comments like this

"We have a thriving nursery sector with more nurseries opening than ever before offering more nursery places than ever before."

really address the issue of under funding and demonstrate his understanding of what it is to be an early years provider NOT :angry:

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Thank you for adding this link Rea - as per our 'Twitter chat'! (I really must learn how to do the whole link thingy :ph34r: )

I was so pleased to see this being highlighted yesterday - about time in my humble - all we ever seem to hear/read is that the cost of childcare is prohibitively high - I swear everyone thinks we are making a killing - when really we are fighting to keep the wolf from the door :(

Good too that the PSLA are using their voice on our behalf (maybe I should have renewed my membership - ah no I couldn't - I don't have enough money coming in :ph34r: )

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