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More DBS confusion


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I filled in the ID verification bits yesterday for our new committee member, I've just had an email from Capita:

Good morning,

Security Watchdog have received a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) application form for the name given above.

Unfortunately we are unable to process this application as we cannot submit DBS application forms for positions such as Directors, Headteachers, Committee Members, Owners, Company Secretaries, Chair Persons or Trustees; these positions must be carried out by OfSTED.

You will need to log onto www.ofsteddbsapplication.co.uk and re-apply correctly.

Please ensure you follow all the 4 stages listed on the website.

If you require any further information please contact us on 0870 850 2516 (option 1).

Kind Regards,

Juliana Boakye
Operations Administrator


I have to go out now, but I'll read the link later, in the meantime...fill your boots!! :blink:

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You cannot complete capita applications through either your works account or on the general link from capita as this is not the correct process/link. You must complete applications for people in positions as you have stated through a different link still through capita however. The link is very hard to find on the Ofsted website but looks like they have given it you. Hope that helps x

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I followed the link sent to me by Capita and even after I had to get in touch because I'd forgotten the log on details, nowhere does it say I cant log on as a committee member or volunteer! Stupid confusing, time consuming system. By the time all the DBS checks are done the people concerned will have left!!


Not bl**dy happy!!

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I might be confused! (Ok it doesn't take much I know ha ha ha) but I've just given the link to the new committee members and asked them to follow instructions and complete, they then from what I gathered print off data check sheet and our chair (not me as it's not my business I'm just manager) fills in evidence check info and sent it off to capita. We don't log on for them, I do for staff as we use online system but then that's me checking the staff not Ofsted checking them.

Oh gosh I hope my two new committee members don't struggle as one isn't very good on computers this could be a long winded thing and as you say left before they get DBS check back x

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The whole process is completely stupid & long winded and i for one am completely fed up with it. I (stupid person that I am) used my government gateway to allow 2 committee members (who didnt have one) to complete their EY2's . then got messages saying this is wrong- they have to do it themselves through their own. One said forget it, cant be bothered with all this. the other after weeks of me hassling her has tried four times and the stupid form keeps freezing at the same point.

Rea- you are correct- it is so time wasting and consuming. There must be a better way of doing this. Since July I've managed to get 2 out of 5 members done. They are all leaving next July anyway and I'm still waiting for my Chair to bring me her passport so i can verify her ID!!

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Oh! I've just started process for my new committee members! First time ever we've had lots of volunteers and I explained that it was all done online and had to be done now. Printed of Ofsted instructions for DBS with a bit of explaining and handed out. EY2 instructions to follow on later. ( Already had one saying she couldn't take it on now - I suspect she wont be the last! Why do they have to make it so difficult. At least with paper you can gently talk them through it and it isn't so intimidating. We have had to upgrade our computer at work and are investigating in a dongle so we can get internet access as everything is online now - even forms etc from LEA. They grudge even sending 1 paper copy so we can photcopy. Costing us a fortune - much more than the 9p an hour increase we got in the spring!


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