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Help flaws in Vygotsky theory


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Hi I have just started a foundation degree and have been struggling with my first assignment this week. I have been writing about Vygotsky, I have the main body of the assignment but now have to right about the flaws in his theory. I have read loads of stuff this week but can't find anything about this.

The only thing I came up with is that the knowledgeable other needs to be able to accurately asses the childs devlopment and interest in order to provide the right level of task to extend the learning. If the child find the task to easy they will lose motavation. If I want to use this I need evidence to back up what I say?

I have never written academically before so finding this the hardest.

Appreciate if anyone can help with this, thanks.

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Good luck with the studies. I really enjoyed studying for degree.

I would also suggest that zone of proximal development is often misunderstood misinterpreted. So take a look at that.

Also stages are not clearly defined Piaget has clearly set ages. In practice children are not the same & vygotsky does allow for environmental involvement in children's development.

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