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I am in the process of updating staff job descriptions and after recently attending some training OFSTED see the role of nursery nurse as more of a teacher as they are ensuring the children have all the teaching and learning opportunities whilst attending the settings and are teaching the children.

I was wondering if you would still call them a nursery nurse or early years practitioner or even early years educator.


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I would stay away from qualifications based job descriptions like EYE as I think it causes confusion, ie new EYE qual is so very different from the old level 3 qual. I go with manager, deputy, nursery nurse (for all other qualifieds) and nursery assistant for unqualifieds.


I think that early years really does have a plethora of names for roles that must be so very confusing for parents. I personally hate the "room leader" titles, but it's just a matter of personal taste I guess.


At the end of the day, we are all practitioners.....so i guess each to their own.

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