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Hi all,


I am currently writing a questionnaire to work out what parents want from the setting in terms of cost/sessions/location etc


What hours would you like your child to attend a pre-school/nursery setting for example all day/ 8-6/morning sessions

How much are you willing to be pay for additional hours

What would you like a pre-school/nursery to offer

From what age would you like your child to attend preschool/nursery

Would you like a pre-school/nursery that is already linked to a primary school

Does your child already attend a pre-school/nursery setting

What is the main deciding factor when choosing a pre-school/nursery

Any other comments on childcare provision


Those are the basic questions I have so far, what else have i missed? my brain seems to be dead at the moment


thanks xx

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In my opinion -- I would be asking slightly more specific questions - some parents are not aware of what could be on offer, and others have wide of the mark expectations, for example you say "all day" / 8-6/ morning sessions - I would give specific times which you know your setting can offer what is "all day"?, similarly I would ask for specific age groups parents feel should be at pre-school and on how much parents are willing to pay for additional hours should come down to what your published hourly rate is - not comfortable personally asking parents to pay more.

Is this a new setting or an established one?

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sorry yes, should have been more specific in my question. The questions will all have tick boxes underneath.


The lunch point is good thank you. It becomes complicated panders, although I appreciate you replying, as its an established setting looking to move location but was trying to create a questionnaire that would canvas people who werent already in the setting x

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The Question Would you prefer a pre-school linked to a primary school is something that most parents in my area would say 'yes' to

It's something I've thought about a lot, parents who go to the linked school would say yes, but those that don't go to that particular school would probably say no. We do have a school that we send more to but for us moving would cut out links with other school settings and therefore cut the amount of children.

But there again you could well attract a lot more parents - it's a tricky one!

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