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Can We Have A List Somewhere Of Abbreviations?


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Steve, a suggestion here for those of us who are maybe abbreviationally-challenged.


It sometimes seems that there is new jargon or a new document out just about every week, and on the forums people then abbreviate, and I can spend sooo much time trying to work out what they are referring to! Sometimes I end up like this: :o


Any chance we can have a list somewhere? Or maybe I'm the only one who can't think easily in CLAs (Capital Letter Abbreviations) :D

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Absolutely Nicola. Good idea - I suffer from ADD myself (Abbreviation Deficit Disorder).


If you and others would like to post your suggestions here, I'll collate them into a page. If you have the full descriptor of the abbreviation that would be handy ( :o ), otherwise give them a bit of context and Helen and I will see if we can hunt down their meaning.


Ooh. We could have a competition for the daftest abbreviation?

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Well here goes, just a few off the top of my head.


FS Foundation Stage (in England/Wales runs from the age of 3 to the end of the reception year, which is the year during which the children turn 5) Is Scotland the same??


FSP Foundation Stage Profile.


ELG: Early Learning Goals. These represnt the Early Years curriculum as outlined in the Curriculum Guidance.


SS: Stepping Stones


The areas of leaning are often abbreviated to

CLL Communication language and literacy

KUW Knowledge and Understanding of the World

MD Mathematical Develoment

PSE Personal social and emotional develoment

CD Creatuive development

PD Physical development


Will that do for starters??

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What about

ONIM-Oh no it's Monday!!! xD And that's the polite version!!! :(


EYDCP-early years development and childcare partnership

DfES-Department for education and skills

LEA-local education authority

NVQ-National Vocational Qualifications

NDNA-National day nurseries association

NCMA-National childminding association


This could go on for ever!! You've really started someting here Nicola!! :o It's a good idea though, especailly if you are new to the early years scene or, like Nicola, are from abroad.


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Wow, glad people are having fun with this!! I only just checked back in and there are 8 replies. Love EOTAL.


One of mine is DTTMIB (Don't Talk To Me I'm Busy)


Anyway, here are a few I've jotted down this week (sorry if I've duplicated any):


FS Foundation Stage

NEG Nursery Education Grant

FSU Foundation Stage Units

NC National Curriculum

KS Key Stage

SENCO Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

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BTTM - Birth to Three Matters

BECO - Behaviour Management Co Ordinator

Cdn - Community day nursery

DCE - Diploma in Childcare and education

NQT - newly qualified teacher

CPR - Child Protection Register

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here's some more....


ASD - Autistic Spectrum Disorder

CRB - Criminal Records Bureau

EBD - Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties

EECs - Early Excellence Centres

EPS - Educational Psychology Service

ESBD - Emotional Social & Behavioural Difficulties

HI - Hearing Impaired

MLD - Moderate Learning Difficulties

OFSTED - Office for Standards in Education

PD - Physical Difficulties

SLD - severe Learning Difficulties

SpLD - Specific Learning Difficulties

SPLT - Speech & Language Therapist

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Well done SM (glad you came up with the abbreviation - I was considering starting to call you squidgy, but it didn't feel right somehow :o )


That's a great little resource, and might save me some work - although somehow I doubt I'll be let off the hook...

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Guest squidgy mummy

Hey Steve, Squidgy is Ok just used S.M as it was a list of abbreviations. Family call me squidgy so I guess everyone can.

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