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2yr old help....please!


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I recently covered in our two year old room and I'm worried about what's on offer.

Apart from the usual book corner, easel, floor play, play dough ect it just didn't feel right

Please please could you share some ideas of your sessions and activities as I want to offer some suggestions to them. Thank you

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I would add lots of sensory play, we have simple things, baskets of natural objects, shiny objects, noise making resources, the most popular things are often every day objects that are safe for them to handle, role play with real objects such as wooden spoons and real pans, they can role play cooking or just bang them with the spoons! :)

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I tend to find that sensory activities/resources always go down well

We also use two large puppets all the time role modelling play and routines

the puppets have snack, join in with craft, go outside and more our 2yr olds respond really well to this, it has had an amazing impact on their communication and social development

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Lots of open ended play and sensory exploration. Try and make as many activities sensory as possible.


Eg. Mark making - put out shaving foam on trays and let them mark make in it.


I make sensory socks at home too, full of various different items for the children to feel and smell.


Plain wooden blocks for construction, or lots of cardboard boxes, tubes and rolls of masking tape.


Add a loose part to your home corner for cooking. Bottle tops or pine cones or corkers allow them to use their imagination as they cook.


And a big one: a space to move around and be physical. Our LA put on a 6 month training course on 2 year olds and their development, and one thing I took away from it is their need to be physical. Maybe have an area where they have space to roll and lie and wriggle.


Do away with tables, if you can. Or set things up under tables.


Just a few notes that I can think of.

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