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Our 38 weeks runs over the financial year- and our LA won't 'carry over' so we have to finish by 31 march regardless of Easter.

We have to have a 15 week autumn term this year. (Ok- it might be 14 but I'm brain fried already - we started this week and finish 19th dec)

We usually choose to start back early, then finish a week early christmas - this works wells for us, as staff with children themselves get a week for their own shopping and get to see all shows and concerts etc.

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Crikey that's a bit confusing! We get given the LA term dates with the pd days marked on so we just have to follow those! Don't have any of this financial year stuff, thankfully they just tell us when to accept the funding, didn't realise it was different anywhere else!!

Are you full year or session? Asking as we worked out that the year before last (I think?) it actually worked out that the staff contract run from sept-aug, so we actually worked 39 weeks!!! Contacted now run April-march. Until that point we had simply been following the school calendar.



(Sorry stargrower- we've hijacked your post :-( . ) xxx

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