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Hi I have recently taken over as Manager of a nursery...that is a tale in itself!

However, there are a number of things that aren't in place that I know should be in place, but I am beginning to doubt my own sanity so I will be asking you lovely people for clarification on some things I think just for my own peace of mind!! Just for starters.......

Am I right in thinking that DBS/CRB certificates should NOT be kept on site but just the date an number logged?

Is it compulsory that they are renewed every 3 years or is it just best practice?

ALL staff must do generalist safeguarding training with at least the manager and deputy having specialist (designated persons) safeguarding training

Those involved in the recruitment/interviewing process should have safer recruitment training, or is this just best practice?

Thanks :)


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I would say, yes about the DBS disclosures - just the number logged

No, they don't have to be renewed every three years

Yes, I would have everybody doing safeguarding training as you say

I think the safer recruitment training is a good idea but I've never heard it's compulsory.


But don't take my word for any of the above!

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DBS.. yes you need the number, date and person who asked for it, but not the actual document, the employe keeps that. It can be prohibitive cost wise to renew every 3 years, but many settings like zigzag said, do so.

Although safer recruitment isnt stated as a statutory requirement, it does come under systems for safeguarding and provider ensuring that their systems ensure that staff are suitable to work with children. (cant recall the exact wording). We recommend at least one person on interviewing panel has done safer recruitment training, and this can be done online. Can you check if you LA provides anything?

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Guest itsnoelquinn

Just taken over as manager? There are a lot of people here who will feel your pain! Here's my blog about it - hope it helps!


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