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Church hall users advice please...


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Guest sn0wdr0p

My lease is with the Diocese of Middlesbrough and it was pretty clear but if you have any terms you need help with just ask away. I have found them to be pretty straight but very very slow- we waited 9 months for ours and have waited 18 months for our review.

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We rent from the Methodist Church and have a licence to hire from them. I think its quite standard. The thing to watch out for is to get everything included. Don't just rely on agreeing something with one member of the church and not having it in writing because the people involved can change role or move on and you can't prove something you have always taken as practice. E.G. We had to re negotiate use of the oven in the main kitchen, Even though we had always used it, the new property steward denied knowing anything about it and was quite difficult about it.

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We've never had anything in writing. At the start of each term I give a list of days and times we want the hall and work out the rent.

We've been in the same hall working the same days and hours for almost 50 years!

Our only gripe is the cleaning, we have to clean or check all areas every morning because despite everybody being told to leave the hall ready for the next user, most don't!

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I feel your pain Rea (having cleaned the loos and mended a loo seat and handle the other day) HOWEVER we do tend to use the fact that we are such good tenants (and the major source of income) to our advantage and now most of our reasonable requests are granted. We also have taken over purchasing some of the necessities such as hand towels using our school rates with our suppliers for which we are reimbursed that way everyone saves.

I guess as playgroup1 says the biggest thing to watch out for is when you get a change e.g., the parish priest or worse still the parish secretary as that then means building up a whole new relationship.

Our biggest worry is that we will lose our premises if the church ever decide to sell the land - this has happened to load of church halls near me and we would find it impossible to meet the prices that developers are prepared to offer!

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Thanks guys. It's always helpful to get another perspective on these things.


Had my first row today (well heated discussion) about storage. The agreed cupboard space was to be halved. Managed to hold my ground. Hopefully not a sign of things to come! ?

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we are a pack away setting in Barnet. We have a 6 year standard lease with the church and it gets renewed every 6 years. We have parking issues so please check things like parking, storage and cleaning duties are mentioned within the lease.

Oh the other thing- who has access to the hall when you are using it i.e: for repairs, showing the hall to other users and parishioners in general. Do the church officials have DBS-CRB? Have you been given a list of who may have access to the building etc. Also each year when the Fire Marshall comes to inspect the extinguishers etc- please ask for a copy of their report (H &S)


Hope I haven't confused you.

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