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Safer recruitment - CV's or Application forms

Guest Nuby

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I read an advert stating that they didn't take CV's because of Safer Recruitment........Now how does an application form ensure that you recruit safely..... perhaps the questions on the application form will filter out the 'undesirables' .......?

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I think it's to do with things like.....

- ours doesn't have date of birth (age discrimination)

- section on nature of work, cautions, rehabilitation and criminal records that has to be completed

- special requirements - DBS, proof of id, 2 written references, physical/mental suitability


Hope that helps x

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The good thing about having an application form rather than accepting CVs is that all the information is provided in a standard format, so everything is easy to find and check - including all the things woodlands mentioned.

This enables you to check more easily that all the safeguarding measures have been taken and complied with, but also makes it easier for you to draw up your shortlist for interview.

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Can I ask this please. What if somebody's previous employer keeps making excuses for not filling in a reference?

If there was any concerns over that persons suitability, should they not have a duty of care to say so regardless of there own personal feelings towards a previous employee.

In the meantime we're a member of staff down!


Regarding application forms, I prefer doing these. Mine was from the pre school learning alliance so it's already done for you.


Thanks x

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We also use application forms for many of the reasons stated above. We let the member of staff sign that they have provided true information and haven't lied on their application form. It just streamlines the process for us and makes sure we don't forget things like getting all details for references such as numbers and emails etc...

CVs are often messy and sometimes misleading therefore I like having the employment history filled out consecutively.

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