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Hiya! I just wanted to hear some other opinions on recruitment tips and tricks..

We are trying to recruit Level 2 or Level 3 qualified staff, however I am not really receiving any appropriate CVs at all and if I get the odd one, the amount of money asked for as a salary is a lot more than industry average.

I also just had a member of staff leave overnight, which makes it very difficult for us and means we are forced to use agency staff.

Where does everybody advertise and have you found any particularly successful techniques for writing ads etc?

I always found that while I worked in central London we received lots of CVs where we are now we don't...

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We have had the same issues this time round. We only had a handful of people apply (15) and without seeing people we managed to get it down to 5 due to lack of experience or qualifications etc whereas 2 years ago when we advertised for a similar job we had well over 60 applicants and interviewed over 20 who were all brilliant (on paper)

We advertise on jobcenterplus https://www.jobcentreonline.com/JCOLFront/Home.aspx


and also on face book believe it or not!

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Yes I am working on getting our website sorted and getting more social media involvement, and am hoping to use that and maybe even twitter...

Most job sites are simply so expensive that we are not sure if it is worth what we get out of it...

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Oh dear.. On top of my recruitment worries OFSTED came yesterday. We were due an inspection and have just reported the change of manager. There was 2 inspectors and the day was a disaster with the same staff causing problems. I managed to show my will to improve through my action plan I had in place and therefore we managed to sway the inadequate outcome to requires improvement. Phew. The OFSTED inspector was very fair and kind but strict and remained aware of the situation that I have only been there for 2 weeks - at some point she even have me a hug...


However she called back this morning and wanted some quotes from our safeguarding policy, which I found very strange - but she was happy with what she heard.


It has turned out this evening that our early years team were aware of the inspection happening as OFSTED had contacted the lscb and lado to ask if there had been any concerns which they answered with no. So now we know the inspection was based on a safeguarding concern, which I find very strange - considering no one mentioned this at any point.


Had to suspend and demote members of staff this morning based on the inspection... So this doesn't help the staffing situation... Agh what a week :)

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