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children using ipads


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Hi Everyone


Well we have 3 new ipads and learning tapestry is going well.

We have a couple of apps on the ipads for the children to use. (the broadband has all the parental controls). At the moment children that stay all day (6 hours) get to use for a little while in the afternoon. It is never long as their is always a queue waiting (they work out the order) and it is mostly monitored by a member of staff (don't want ipads broken etc)

Staff have suggested we should get parent consent before children use, but that would mean 100% saying yes and they might have very different reasons for saying no.

I have stayed away from computers etc in a preschool but no feel that children need the skills and they are learning in a relaxed, social way. More experienced children support others.

What do you think, should they use them or not?


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we have computers in our pre-school - the time children use them is limited - we have a timer for ten minutes - some children will use the computer others aren't interested - the games are all educational so we feel the children are learning in relaxed way - we also feel that these are the skills they will need as they move onto school - computers are used in year r so by using them with us we feel it gives the children a head start as some of our children will not have a computer at home where they can learn these skills.

i think its just ensuring that the computer doesn't become the main part of the childs day.

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We have two laptops permanently out and shared between 25/28 children. It's fine some days we have to monitor who is on and how long but like others have said they use a timer and are very good at telling us whose turn it is. However we do find that come September with a lot of little ones starting we do have to restrict when they are out- find wet hands or fingers in mouths the main reason.


However what I have noticed is that more and more of our children are trying to use them touch screen. Nearly all can manage without a mouse and so many now keep trying to move the screen across or touch the screen! I wonder if we may have to start thinking about upgrading them at some point. I wouldn't ask parents for permission though- dont feel that is necessary. I would certainly inform them that they use on a regular basis but no more than anything else.

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