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Funding for new nursery!

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We have recently received funding to build a nursery joined to our F2 classroom. Having never worked in a nursery or had an on sight nursery we are starting from scratch! Has anyone got an good advice/tips regarding layout, furniture, non negotiables etc.. We want to get it right when we speak to the architect. Oh photos of your setting would be appreciated if you are willing to share. Thank you :-D

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Natural furnishings - take a look at community playthings - they also offer a design service and you can visit them too to see the products and layouts

Child height loos and handwashing facilities that are easy to clean and keep hygienic and adult friendly changing area plus a potty training section

If you are having babies a sterilising room for bottles etc.

Somewhere to meet with parents that offers quiet and confidentiality

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haven't built from new but converted a building three years ago. Do you have a strong ethos of what you want it to look like? (create mood boards/google other nurseries, especially italian ones!)

Most important things for us were appropriate services (electricity points at adult height ) plumbing and loos!)

access to garden (including disabled access in and out...for you this will be obligatory because you are building new)


office arrangements

adult loos?

quiet areas

reception area if possible (so parents can wait out of the rain)

storage for pushchairs/scooters if poss

windows ...agree child height is great...although you have to clean them lots! (this is one of the things we couldn't do!)

access /security and fire safety of course

etc etc etc!!!! good luck very exciting ....

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Big windows, soft cosy furnishings, community plaything furniture, low level toilets and hand basins positioned for easy accessibility, direct access to an outdoor area if available, storage areas with plenty of shelving, sheltered covered area outside for sunny or wet weather use.

Separate bottle and sleeping area if taking babies.

Ooh have fun sounds very exciting.:)

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An adult loo within the nursery area so staff don't 'disappear' at regular intervals - or if they do it is quick!

Open space which can be divided by furniture to make areas for different age groups - this means it can be flexible according to the numbers of children in each age group, but also so that your successors can use the space in the way they choose. Not building 'walls' could help save some money towards buying beautiful Community Playthings furniture!

A small room / cupboard to act as a laundry (has someone else said that - sorry if I am repeating)

It could be wise to visit some other nurseries to gain ideas. If you are in the West Country, you are welcome to visit us!

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Just found this on my computer, which I had to create for another possible new build a while ago - which sadly did not happen.

Requirements for New Building


Facilities needed for children aged 0 -2

· Sleep area (with partition, not separate room)

· Milk kitchen (sink, fridge, microwave, work surface)

· Nappy changing area (changing unit, sink, WC)

Facilities needed for children aged 2-3

· Sleep area / quiet room

· Nappy changing area (changing unit, sink, WC)

· Creative area (adult height and child height sinks)

Facilities needed for children aged 3-4

· Nappy changing area (changing unit, sink, WC)

· Creative area (adult height and child height sinks)

· Quiet room


· All rooms need direct access to the outdoor play area

· Cleaning cupboard

· Open plan whenever possible. The areas will be separated by low partitions, rather than separate rooms in order for the building to be as flexible as possible for variations in future use

· A small laundry with sufficient space for a washing machine, tumble dryer and some storage, which is secure from children

· Kitchen to prepare meals for children

· Quiet room off 2-5 area


· Adult size WCs next to the children’s WCs


Nursery space requirements

Age group

No of children

m2 required per child

Total m2 needed

No WCs required

No wash basins required

0-2 years






2-3 years






4-5 years













Reception area

· Reception desk

· Nursery Manager’s Office

· Private office and storage space with desks for 2 people

· Accessible WC

· Waiting area

· Small interview room (desirable)


Sorry, there was a chart showing the space requirements, number of WCs etc needed for each age group, but it has come out as a list!

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Brilliant thanks that really helps. We are based in Yorkshire and have arranged to visit a number of settings. Our nursery will be part of an existing school and will join directly onto the F2 class with doors for through flow when appropriate. Has anyone else got a setting similar and do you find it works well for you?

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No, you only need one on the premises at all times children are present. However, it would be good to 'aim high' and have most, if not all, of your staff trained.

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Was just going to suggest community playthings room layout service when I noticed Steve posted about them, they are amazing and so very helpful

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I love their child size sofa - and so do our children. I get very amused too if an adult tries to sit on it and the children get very offended - 'No, it's for children!' :1b

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