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Suspicious mind?


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What would you do if you thought a member of staff had plagiarised work for a Level 3 qualification? That is just copied someone else's essays and sent them off.

I cannot see how I could prove it but I have worries based on a few things people have said.

When doing the course, this member of staff never asked any questions, never did any obs etc for it at work and didn't really seem to learn anything useful from doing it.

But she got all As for every essay and goes on about that all the time.

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Did the setting fund the course? If so, and perhaps even if not, I would be asking her what aspects of her work she has reflected on for her essays, how she feels her new knowledge is influencing her practice and whether she has any ideas of how she could inform the practice of others in the setting.

Obviously she will have little trouble coming up with answers if she's done so well with her essays.

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did she have an assessor come in and assess her practice and talk to you?

could you have an informal chat with her now she has finished and ask her what she feels she has gained from the course - where she feels her knowledge has improved since she completed the course?

as said before i would ask her how her knowledge is influencing her practice and also perhaps how she feels any knowledge she had could also influence any practice within the pre-school setting?

very hard for you x

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It happened to me, I went to talk to the college about it and nothing happened. It fact it was over the summer holidays and we decided that we would put everything on hold until the new term. She has her certificate by then.


This wasn't a suspicious mind, I read the file!

Someone afterwards told me I should have gone to the principal of the college! but not with a rumour you need facts.

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