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iPads for observations

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Hi, we have just introduced Early Years Classroom monitor as a tool for tracking children's progress. As our next step we would like to use the software alongside either iPads or iPods in order to record observation notes and photos. We hope that this will save us precious time that we are using to endlessly print photos and write up obs.


I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of using iPads and iPods for this reason and which device they felt was more user friendly? Also if anyone has experience of using Early Years Classroom Monitor I would also value any feedback, hints or tips.


Thank you in advance

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No idea about the software you are talking about but we use iPad minis for our observations using the Tapestry system. Love the mini iPad, smaller than the regular so easier to carry around and use but big enough to be easy to type on etc...




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I liked "Tapestry" a lot more than "Evidence", yet I wish it could be used offline and unite it to the EY IPC.





Pros: Much clearer and professional look, photos fit on screen, refinements for learning goals (emerging, developing, secure).


Cons: Needs internet connection, only for EYFS & Leuven Scales





Pros: We could add the EY/IPC/IMYC Frameworks, works offline


Cons: Photos do not fit into the screen, no refinements for learning goals, everything is crushed into the transparent screen.

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Smiley- we do also have the KS1 curriculum and P scales on Tapestry and are soon to be adding KS2 :1b

The difficulty with adding the IPC is that this is a purchased, and presumably copyrighted, product so we couldn't just add the curriculum to Tapestry. We have been asked about this before, though, so will maybe look into it in the not too distant future and perhaps contact the IPC creators.

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