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We have been overdue now since 2012, still waiting the staff's nerves are so thin now everyone is snapping, problem is staff goes on annual leave, you have new staff, staff leaving for various reason better positions i.e schools, training new staff, l am a nervous wreck, it is affecting home life, can't plan proper holidays If they don't come before the holidays l will be so disappointed, new term new children, parents that have been with you for a long time can't give feedback :angry: :( sorry rant over

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We went 6 years between inspections so I sympathise with anyone over due! And yes I did nearly faint when they finally turned up!

Hi RustyFox (what a brilliant username!) welcome to the forum! :1b

Six years :o wonder if that's a 'record' :blink:

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I have been waiting over a year, trouble is because of the changes I sometimes feel I'm not ready. I have been nervous about this all year. Why are we put through this?

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