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So our setting is made up of 3 rooms with the 3 different age ranges. I am reviewing the planning in the toddler room and pre-school room. One thing that we have had issues with is having the space to put down planning for the garden aswell as the 7 areas of learning and sand and water play. Can anyone help by sharing their planning???


Thank you



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We don't plan separately for outdoors. We have the seven areas of learning with objectives for the week and resources out relating to those objectives. So role play may be outside or sand/ water may be out or in. There may be a specific activity with tallying with chalks on the floor outside - how many cars we see go past etc or there might be an adult led activity indoors. We just make sure we are covering all the areas in or out!

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We have a basic plan that has the days of the week across the top and boxes to fill in daily.....personally i think if you don't plan for the outdoors you are missing a trick!!

So on todays for instance

dinosaur land (for a little one with limited speech)

Sticks in the sand for mark making

Planting (adult led...hanging baskets etc)

obstacle course...improving gross motor(group of children)

Mud kitchen ....chalk for writing menu

...plus a few more ideas etc!!)

very basic but means i can target certain childrens learning just as i would inside!

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We also plan for outside - I'm the kind of person who had to have things written down and organised, or I would walk in Monday mornings and forget about outside totally !

We have a4 paper divvied into 3 sections on the left -

Inside activities

Outside activities

Small group / adult led

We try to plan for each aol - but they do overlap sometimes.

Then on the right hand side we note which child / children each activity relates to ( if any )

I would put up a copy , but I'm on ipad ATM.

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