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The New SEN Code of Practice


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This has been prompted by another thread but I thought it warranted one of its own.

The new Code of Practice should be published in July and be implemented from September. Part of this is the requirement on LAs to involve parents and carers in their planning and provision of services for children with SEN/additional needs.

Any parent or carer whose child has additional needs has a vested interest and a right to participate in this planning via their local parents and carers council. The LAs are obliged to actively recruit, support and consult these groups so there should be one in every authority. They should be publicised to all parents but they aren't so participants are generally just those dynamic parents who are seeking them out in many areas.

These groups will get to help set out the local offer which is a collation and distribution of information on all the agencies, services, charities, support groups, etc in their area relevant to families' particular needs. This is an enormous task and they need lots of people to contribute. Those involved invariably also end up learning a great deal about how to get their own child's need met effectively too. Meeting other parents who have similar experiences is beyond valuable.

If you can find out contact details for the group in your LA and highlight them to parents of children with additional needs, particularly those who will qualify for the new EHC plans, you'll be doing everyone a big favour. Your local Parent Partnership Service is a good place to start as they are very involved in the process in all the authorities I am aware of.

Authorities should also be arranging training for providers on how the new plans will be written and implemented. If you haven't heard anything yet, please give them a call and a prod to get it up their list of priorities. There's a lot of change going on and providers need to be well informed if children's needs are going to be met effectively.


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You can find your local Parent Partnership Service here: http://www.parentpartnership.org.uk/


I've just found out that SENDirect is leading support/information for families and are asking for parents and professionals to be involved and tell them what they need. Their site is here: http://www.sendirect.org.uk/send-consortium/who-are-send-consortium


Thanks Upsy Daisy for posting this and raising much needed awareness.

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