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I know it's probably not a major thing for the very techno people on here, but I have just published my first ever website. I am really chuffed with myself, thank you to the people on here who encouraged me to give it a try. You can find it here if you want to have a look. stkevernepreschool.weebly.com

That's a big tick for my Easter to do list!! :D

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Really impressed. My plan is to get my daughter to have a look with the hope that she will attempt to set up a website for us. Sure she will be equally impressed and fingers crossed will have a go. Well done!!!

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It really is fantastic. I too wanted my own website. Contacted local secondary school to see if a student wanted to do it but nothing came of it. I offered my 16 year old techno son money to do it but was too busy with his cyber friends. So after lots of advice from here also chose weebly. Took me no time at all and I am proud of my results just like you no real techno skills. It was so easy. I chose not to put children's photos on mine but have a page that parents can have a password which I update every week. This takes me 15 minutes.

If anyone is scared go for it believe me its easy.



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