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BA (Hons) Questionnaire - please help


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dotty do you realise that you have posted LKeyteach's completed questionnaire? Maybe a confidentiality issue? Also maybe worth letting people know that your research is looking at mark-making before people download it?

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it is better to ask for replies to be sent as a personal message (PM)

or use a site like Survey Monkey , that may give more replies as not all will download or be able to ..

for example my laptop does not have any word on it.. and many may have a previous version and they cannot access the version that was posted.

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Do you just want responses from pre-school practitioners?

I wondered this too - are you looking for responses from practitioners based around the setting they actually work in, or are you also looking for general comments about how mark making can be supported in pre-school in general?

'the pre-school setting' could be interpreted as not necessarily needing to be a 'real' one, if you see what I mean whereas 'your pre-school setting' tells people straight away that it is based on the setting they are working in (and that you need it to be completed by practitioners currently working in a setting).

I agree with apple about letting people know the survey is about marking making before they start.

I'm interested to see that there is a question about how interested/engaged parents are in their child's tracker/learning journal because this seems unrelated to the topic of marking making (unless I'm being dim!).

I'm interested to know what your research question is - what are you setting out to discover? I also wonder if there are differences between the responses you are likely to get from practitioners of differing qualification levels, those with different job functions and from different settings. For example, I am an EYP doing some voluntary work in a setting at the moment, so whilst I might believe I am very confident in supporting children's early mark making, the provision in the setting might (hypothetically) not be of high quality and so my answers might be at odds with my own confidence levels and training. Do you think that type of scenario might skew your results?

I have a problem with the question about whether children's writing skills develop best when supported by a knowledgeable practitioner and structured activities because what I think of as 'structured' might be different to the next person who completes your questionnaire. Could you give examples, perhaps? If you mean sitting down at a desk and doing worksheets or the equivalent, I'd then like an opportunity to explain why I feel the way I do!

This is really interesting research, and I hope you'll come back and let us know what your findings are. I loved doing my research for my BA. I hope you're not offended by my answers, but you can probably tell from my responses that I have a bit of questionnaire related-OCD. This is because I had to completely disregard one set of responses because the data it generated was unreliable because of the way I worded the question. :o

Good luck with it! :D

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