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We have done it once as it seemed like a safer way to use a profit at the end of the year than a large pay rise that might not have been sustainable in future years.

We gave a percentage of hours worked over a year and gave it as extra holiday pay.

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we used to look at finances at end of year and calculate if/how much could be used... then look at staff performance... how many unpaid hours was taken into consideration... if someone was doing a lot they would generally get more of a bonus.. most of the time we gave a weeks wage or two if we could.. usually paid in August.. which sometimes meant that was the month we go paid the most...


as an aside.. you cannot be paid holiday pay within your hourly rate... it is illegal and classed as rolled up pay... makes your hourly rate higher than it actually is..

This is very. different to having the extra weeks added to an annual pay and that paid over a year.. so you are getting a wage on weeks you are not working...that is legal... very confusing but there is a distinction between them...

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Our staff tend to get a very small bonus at Christmas, usually £20 gift card. Our accountant said cash would be taxed, but a gift card wouldn't. We couldn't think of another way of doing it :)

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