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We have recently taken on Instant Nursery Manager and I am in the process of invoicing on it for next term, which is a 5 week term. I have to put in the funding hours claimed for a child for each day, rather then a blanket amount for the week, as I did when manually billing.

I have a child who is at two settings and comes to our setting on a Monday 9-3 and a Thursday 9-12, so 9 hours per week.

The child claims 3 hours with us each week. The next term has 2 bank holidays (on a Monday) and we are closed for a polling day on a Thursday, so I can either show the 3 hours funding claimed on a Monday or a Thursday. If I claim the hours on a Thursday, the invoice works out at £60 for the half term. Bit if I put the claim for 3 hours on the Monday, the invoice is £70. Which is right, or should I split the hours between the two days, so 1.5 hours each day, which works out at £65?


Any Ideas?

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I think you are over thinking that, I would put the 3 hours against a Monday each week and charge for the rest of the week. If the child was claiming 9 hours you would be claiming for the whole week so you shouldn't lose out just because they attend two settings.

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