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Hi everyone,

I work in an international school and have recently moved from working in a UK school to this new school. Before I arrived the school had no system in place for tracking the pupils or making any kind of observations on the children, I suggested using a paper based learning journey as a way to start tracking the pupils, as this is what my latest training in the UK had advised. We have been using the paper version since October, and had the full support of the EYFS leader who also was very keen to get these started.

We are well aware that many schools are now using online tools to help record their observations and we too would eventually like to move towards this. However the school does not own ipads or tablets and has no budget for buying any at the moment. So we feel at the moment the paper version is the best way for us to collect evidence and track the pupils progress. Do you agree?


The reason I ask this is because we are being accused by some members of staff that all teachers in the UK are moving away from paper based learning journeys and towards online tracking and recording, I wondered how many schools out there still use the paper versions, or are we really behind with the times here!


Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't think it's the case at all that 'all teachers' are moving away from paper based learning journeys Rowena. I'd say the great majority still use scrapbooks, binders, or hardcopy templates.

And I don't think it makes any difference which kind of tool you use - it's how you use it that counts. Some people find electronic or online versions are more convenient - others much prefer the personal feel that paper based journals give. So I wouldn't be swayed by any perception of 'being left behind'. There's no intrinsic advantage one way or another! :1b

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We still do a paper version.


I can see the arguments for paper and online but you know the area we serve is quite poor and I am not sure if we did an online version if the parents would ever look at it.


The children also love to go and get their special book out and just sit and look at all their work............


Perhaps if your setting has never done anything you just need to start where you feel is right.

I don't believe all settings have gone online.

I would say there's probably a fifty fifty split!!


You do what you want is my advice!!!

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Hi there

we have got rid of our paper based journals (bar the ones for parents who do not have any access to online and in this current cohort that number is zero!). However, we like yourselves do not have the budget to buy tablets or mobiles but are extremely happy with using Tapestry with our digital camera and PC's.

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We use paper learning journeys. They live near our reading area and the children always go and help themselves to look back at their learning.

We have recently purchased some i-pads at school and have been discussing whether to move to an online version or to stick with our paper versions. We are torn and can't quite decide! Would be interested to know what online version(s) other people use/would recommend.

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Thank-you, that has put my mind at rest. Our school is in Jakarta, Indonesia, we use the British EYFS- but it is still in its infancy and some of the teachers are struggling from moving from doing nothing, to having to make observations and link this to planning, and just feel it is a lot of wasted paper work. I am now armed with knowledge that lots of settings in the UK are using paper versions! :D I totally agree that its not what you use but what you do with the observations you have collected, I will be sharing that point with our team.

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I too am in an international British school, and we moved to online Learning Journeys because of the difficulty of getting ink for the printers. Although I do like to have paper versions for the children to look at and reflect on, it was proving very difficult as the quality of printing was not great so it wasn´t really attractive. We created our own version of an online LJ, as we felt this was more ´child friendly´ than the ones we looked at. I sometimes project a child´s LJ at storytime and they like to see themselves and their friends on screen - talking about the activities shown also promotes conversation and often renews interest in a ´neglected´ or forgotten activity.


As said before, either works, each have their advantages.

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