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My first ever Children's Social Care referral :(


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I have just been completing the paperwork for a child to be referred to children s social care and i feel crap !

I have never done this before and i have put all my energy into completing the form accurately and to the best of my knowledge so that i get my point across without offending the family.


I know it needs doing as early intervention is the key, but i still feel so sad for the family.


I am having a meeting with the family in the morning,the meeting is to inform the family of my referral.

I am sure they are going to be shocked and angry, but i so much want to be able to help them.


I really don't know what to say to them tomorrow or even how to start the conversation, please can anyone advise on how to put it tactfully.


What i don't want is the parents to storm out, taking the children with them :(

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I feel for you.

You need to emphahise that you're there to help them and work with them and will do your basolute best for their child/children..

My first CAF meeting was a revelation to me. I thought it was absolutely amazing to be able to get all of the professionals, and the family, together to ensure everyone was working in the same direction from as early as possible.. Previously it was a long way down the road in seeking support that everyone got chance to meet together.

Good luck tomorrow. They may actually be glad you're dong it!

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Well done. Unfortunately their response is out of your control now - you have done what you need to do in order to protect their child, and that's the main thing. All you can do at this stage is be honest and open with them, and to let them know that you will support the whole family as best you can through whatever happens next.

Presumably you have been talking to the family in the course of the last few days/weeks as your concerns have been mounting, and this is a good place to start. When I had to do this I referred mum back to these conversations, said I had taken advice and had been told to make a referral.

Hopefully they'll be relieved that you have taken action and that they will now get the support they need.

Good luck tomorrow - I imagine tonight will be a sleepless one for you, but you have to hang onto the fact that you are acting in the child's best interests. Let us know how things go.

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I just want to echo the good luck the others have given. The perception of the general population is that social care are there as 'child protection police' trying to catch out parents. Of course we know this is totally wrong and that their real aim is to keep families together and help parents towards an improved parenting situation. Perhaps it may help you to keep this in mind, so you feel a bit less that you are 'dobbing them in'? When talking to parents in this situation I really try to emphasise this and hat I am making the referral so the whole family gets support.

Please let us know how you get on. It always takes a deep breath to do these things - even for people who have done it lots of times.

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Hope it went ok.


Just remember you only have there best interests at heart.


Although never had to make any referrals direct myself I have been involved with families who are part of that process. Some just need a little extra and support to get sorted!

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