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Skippy - you're really at it tonight! Having spring feelings?

Our development plan has this format (with example):

Goal (Sep)
To teach writing of letters effectively.

What to do
Establish consistent practises and communicate those to staff and parents.

How to do it
Study about the teaching and learning of joined handwriting and decide whether children should be taught writing that is joined or not. (etc.)

Actions taken
... (month)

... (month)

I would start at the beginning of the statutory requirements and go through the text, paragraph by paragraph, commenting to myself how we meet each requirement. When finding something that isn't yet in place, I would make that a 'goal' on the development plan, then add the 'what' and 'how'.

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yes like wildflowers i read through a printed copy and make notes in the margin! anything not done is highlighted.....then put this in the ofsted info so they can see what i'm up to! i dont tend to do a separate framework just get on with it i guess!

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