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Could anyone help me with an Action Plan please.

I currently have a notebook which I put EVERYTHING in that I need to do (a giant to-do list basically) and then tick things off as and when I do them.


My development worker has advised that it isn't really 'formal enough' for Ofsted and that I need a more structured Action Plan, but then she didn't have one to show me, can anyone help with a format please.

Many thanks

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mine looks very similar to korkycat I was told as long as you have what needs doing, who is going to do it and when, who is going to check its been done and what the outcome will be / evidence it has been done, then you will be fine.


This is my current one. I have to say it is more in-depth than normal as it was in response to our Ofsted report and the child centre teacher wanted more detail to 'show' we were on the case hence the red writing that says the reason for improvement was Ofsted report (although this echoed the observations we had made on our new cohort so it wasn't entirely just ofsted)


The long box next to reason for improvement would be what we have seen, or what needs improvement. Then under the box in red writing we itemised out each point that was made by Ofsted and then charted how we were going to respond. Hope that makes sense.

improvement evaluation for fsf.docx

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