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I've been reading bits about dramatising stories including adding music lately. I have done bits like this in the past but not regularly. Does anyone have any tips or ideas about how to make this effective e.g. do weekly/incorporate as part of daily storytime/focus on one story for a few weeks? Of course we use stories within role-play and imaginative play but I wanted to see if I could develop it further.

Thanks, Green Hippo x

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we've done a few bits like this in the past. Going on a bear hunt is a classic of course...using body percussion first then castanets then small groups for different things.... rain drums for swishy swashy, fingers on tambourines for splish splosh etc.

We had a version of 3 little pigs that was set to music similar sort of set up.

Of course the real classic for this is peter and the wolf...perhaps you could use the music from this to start the process talking about the noises that are used for each effect and see if the children could come up with their own ideas?

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