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Numeracy observation in school nursery - Please let me know what you t


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Thank you for reading this much appreciated :) in our school nursery we need to do a carpet session no longer than 7-8 minutes to introduce the session so that's the introduction and main teaching on my plan (see attached)

Then I was thinking of doing a creative/numeracy based task as a follow up adult led activity.

I have such a range in my nursery (22 children in total)

about 5 are not talking or saying numbers - mixture of EAL and shy


about 10 are counting objects up to 10. about 3 of those can correctly order numbers to 5.

so wanted an activity all children could get challenged on.



another option is to have a different task for the more able to extend them.

Please let me know what you think of the plan good and bad I need you to be critical :angry:

or any ideas you have :mellow:


Thanks in advance

speckled frogs.doc

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Im not quite sure what your adult led activity is going to be and how this will relate to your numerical learning objectives.

Do you need to indicate your groups on your planning? How will your observer know you have asked a child in the group you have identified?

Good luck.

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If they have sat for a 'welcome' time not sure they will sit for a number activity, some will be fine but what about those that can't or those that are to shy to join in how will you work with those much better to do it in child initiated instead

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I agree- maybe you could have a focus on number in your main play areas? eg number lines for the children to peg up flags with numbers on, maybe using your small world cars/boats/trains and asking them to put 1 person in the first carriage, two in the next, etc. How about in the home corner seeing how many teatowels you can hang up on the washing line? How many will fit? Target practice is always a good one- set up an area where the children can throw foam balls at targets and get them to record with tallies how many they get. Playdough- adding arms and legs to aliens- how many arms has your alien got? Can you fit 4 legs onto his body?

I think with such a variety of abilities, making them sit through things they are either ahead of, or can't understand, is not really effective. Hope this helps. :1b

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Why not plan to meet your objective in whatever area the children are using?

Se up around the nursery number ideas and let the children use numbers in the area they choose to be in!

That's what I would do ........

So if for instance there are a group of children playing 'farms' - support and extend with a bit of sorting and counting - "oh shall we put all of the cows in this field, let's count them" :1b

Welcome to the forum! :1b

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