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Hi all


We have recently converted from a charity to a community interest group and as a result have a lot to do to pull this setting up the standard we want.


Can I ask what policies you have around staffing and HR please? We have all the ones around the EYFS but not staffing.


Many thanks

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I assume you mean the things like

employment policy.. how you recruit, what checks you do, equal opportunity, etc.

whistle blowing policy

disciplinary procedure


some now have capability

training and development

staff handbooks and contracts..

sickness and sick pay...


many of the above can be condensed into one policy.. we used to keep them to as few as possible, so a lot would be one or two clauses in an overall Employment policy. Some like grievance and discipline do need their own policy with clear steps to follow, makes it easier for all to understand .

i am sure others who are more in touch with current needs will come and add to this..

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Also, in addition to the above, unless already covered : Job description and about probationary period, maternity/paternity leave, dependants leave, holidays (when they can/can not be taken), holiday pay, payment for work and/or course attendance outside normal working hours, expenses, pension, data protection, right to search (if you may feel the need), indemnity, confidentiality, property, other employment, termination of employment. Phew!

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A lot of the above mentioned can be in your staff contracts or staff handbook. We dont have separate polices on staff holidays or bereavement/maternity leave- these can all be within your staff book or contracts. Unless of course you want separate polices ??

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Yes do look at what is needed and lump them together appropriately..

things like contract or staff handbook can contain all the holiday info, as well as sick leave, etc.. anything to do with conditions of employment(most of what wildflowers is recommending) . no need for policies as the contract can state that all conditions found in the handbook are part of the contract..

data protection for us was a policy covering the whole setting, not specific to employment as was the confidentiality..


I feel there are far too many policies for far too many things that can be condensed . Too many and they become a paper exercise that no one ever reads or understands.

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