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We have been given a budget of £100 to make or sell things to accumulate more money for a charity chosen by the children. This will be a whole year project. Can't think of any original ideas.


Any ideas would be welcome.


Thank you.

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Will these be sold only to the parents of the children or at open events?


Just noticed this is your first post! Welcome to the forum, I hope you can get some help with this, but truly innovative new ideas - they are getting thin on the ground!

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Guest tinkerbell

Hi Emma

we are a small school and have had enterprise weeks in the past where the classes have been given money to make more money.

Reception class (my class) we made playdough and sold it in the plastic (takeaway) tubs 6 balls of different colour.We planted seeds and painted the plastic pots...with Christmas on the horizon hyacinths in decorated pots may be an idea look in pound shops and Home bargains as the bulbs are sometimes cheaper than garden centres.

Bun sale ,biscuit sales ,pop corn all these you can make with your class and have one morning break a week where you could sell to the school.

Raffles..how many sweeties in a jar etc...name a teddy.....

whole school t towels

whole school calendars

whole school cookery book...recipes from parents and famous people ,get the children to write to them.

An art gallery...put up the children's work and sell ,offfer drinks and nibbles they have made



I will keep thinking


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