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A different point of view - "Why I Jump"


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Due to recuperation from an operation I have been listening to the radio a lot and this week's book of the week on radio 4 is fascinating.


Why I Jump, by Naoki Higashida
Translated by David Mitchell and K.A. Yoshida and introduced by David Mitchell
Read by Kasper Hilton-Hille

With astonishing detail and insight, thirteen year old Naoki Higashida shares his experience of the world, explaining how his autism can separate him from those around him. He reveals the slippery nature of time for a person with autism, the way that noises can shake his entire landscape, and the joy he experiences when playing with words and rhythm.

Naoki's autism is so severe that he finds it difficult to hold a conversation, and he wrote the book painstakingly, using an 'Alphabet Grid', Japanese character by character.

When the award-winning author David Mitchell, whose own son has autism, discovered this extraordinary book, he felt that for the first time his own son was talking to him about what was going on inside his head, through the words of the young author.


I recommend a listen.


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I caught a couple of minutes of it this morning in the car just before I arrived at a meeting about school provision for my daughter who has Asperger's Syndrome. The small amount I heard was very insightful (nearly had me arriving in tears) and I had planned to look for the details on the BBC website later. I don't need to now because you've done it for me.


Thank you.

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