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I know I should probably know the answer to this but I'm hoping someone can advise please.

Unusually for me, (I know this is not often the case for many of you out there! ) I have had a staff member recently who has been absent for longer than the odd day.

I do offer SSP only for staff but have never had to sort this before.

This member of staff works so many hrs each day of the week.

She had to leave work feeling unwell on Thursday. She went to the doctors but did not specify how long she would be off, just what she had (antibiotics for nasty cough)

She then was off, Fri, mon,tues the following week ( she did not contact me, so I had to phone to see what was happening) said she'd been back to doctors,still not well but might be in Friday.

No word from her so had to contact her again on Thursday, said she'd come in if I needed her but still didn't feel well etc

Told her to come back Monday,today which she did.I was not in today, but she is ok now.

So...sorry for rambling...


What should she give me as proof she has been ill?what is she entitled to pay wise, which days etc?

I realise that I have not got the correct procedure in place for staff absence.Any forms and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Should I have a staff absence form?

Ps. Also feel that I've had to do all the chasing to find out when she's coming back, including her avoiding my messages. I don't want to feel like I'm bothering someone when they're genuinely feeling unwell, but on the other hand, feel like she may have been taking advantage too....

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Guest griffclan

She needs to complete an employee's statement of sickness form for SSP. You can download them from www.hmrc.gov.uk. You'll find some useful info for employers on the website to help work what if anything to pay. Basically they need to normally earn at least £109 before tax per week and be sick for at least 4 days (which can include days that they don't normally work). You don't pay anything for first 3 days .

Hope that helps, check out the government website, it's very helpful

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You don't have to have any proof of illness anymore (I really don't agree with this as someone could take advantage quite easily.....) and you need to pay after the member of staff has missed 3 days so say they normally work every day and went home ill on the Thursday as you said, the first full day would be Friday so you would need to start paying from the Wednesday (Fri, Mon, Tue being the 3 working days) Hope that makes sense??


If someone works part time then they need to be off sick for 3 of their working days before receiving sick pay so if for example someone works mon, wed and fri and called in sick the Tuesday night they would not get paid until the following Wednesday (7 days later)


Hope that helps

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My understanding is that it has changed from three to seven days, but maybe I got it wrong!


This is what I got in our employment terms:


"If the employee is absent for more than seven days, they must on the eighth day of absence provide ...

with a medical certificate from a General Practitioner stating the reason for absence and provide

subsequent certificates to cover any subsequent periods of absence."

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hoping the links work ok.. the second one takes you to a calculator to put in details and should tell you what if any to pay.. used it many times..so long as they work the same days each week it is easy to use.


self certification for first week off then drs certificate.. that is 7 days off not only working days..


form can be downloaded from the hmrc website. that is the one we used..

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