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I am a bit stuck on books to follow a transport theme. Ideally a book where we could send a character of the book on their own, but different journey. Any ideas gratefully received.


Skippy ;)

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fix it duck?

winnie the witch??/(maybe pushing the transport theme!!)

Mr gumpys outing?


You could use the journey...there isn't a character as such but you have got the boat that could go on different adventures

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Mr Gumpy's Motor Car

Meg's Car

Lost and Found - Oliver Jeffers

Captain Duck

Freddie goes fishing with Grandpa

Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon

Grandma's Hot Air Balloon Ride

The Grumpalump


I cheated - just did a search on Amazon - car stories, boat stories etc.

One of my first places to look for possibilities when I'm searching for a particular topic! :P

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