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Managing time for obs of staff etc


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I've been puzzling over this lately and just wondered how, or if, setting leaders who are counted in ratios complete any formal staff observations (e.g. to prepare for the Ofsted joint ones or to inform appraisal / supervision) when supposed to be directly working with children.... because I have yet to find a convenient slot to do any.


I feel I want to do them to prepare staff and myself a bit more and also because I do feel it will help to develop everyone's skills and knowledge...just seems like a struggle to be able to fit this in.


Even when I am supernumerary I get stuck doing tasks like photocopying, printing photos, and other admin that really wont have much of an impact in the quality of our setting but which need to be done ...and so when i'm out of ratio that's what has to happen because no one else has the extra time free to do it.


I really struggle finding opportunities to complete staff development tasks like supervisions and appraisals in the settings time (which is the whole idea of having some supernumerary time after all - not having to complete so much in my own time)...if I am supernumerary it means my other staff are in ratio... to complete supervisions / appraisals id have to organise it so that two of us are supernumerary for that session...which I guess is okay as its not every week - but I'm just curious what do others do?





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I don't have the luxury of being supernumerary. What I do is to swap about, so, I'm generally in the 3-4 room and I go into the 2-3 and one of them replaces me in my room. Then I observe a member of staff in there and the children, over the course of the morning. Then that member of staff goes into my room and the first one ones back and I do it again with that one, and so on. This also has the benefit of me being able to verify judgements and chat with key staff about their children's progression.


I have an overview sheet that I use with various statements already on it to save me time, and that's really helpful.

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