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We are trying to develop our outdoor play area. We currently have the usual ride on toys, slide, balls, basketball hoop.


What do your children enjoy doing most outside?


What could you not do without outside?



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mud pie kitchen, although I don't do it much during the winter, our waterfall wall ( lots of different sized containers attached to the fence), bubbles, chalks. buckets of water and brushes, den making stuff, although at moment they are using planks as ramps for cars and plastic tubes for running cars down.

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  • Dens
  • Mud kitchen
  • water trail
  • Sand pit
  • Mud pit
  • Tyre towers and tunnels
  • Secret Graden
  • Sensory corner
  • Mark making studio
  • Logs and sculptures
  • Balancing beams
  • Trike path
  • Spiritual space
  • Junk modelling
  • Habitats
  • Collecting, sorting, matching
  • Printing
  • Nature art
  • Music and movement
  • Pond
  • Growing
  • Willow dens/ sculptures


What could you not do without outside? - We wouldnt be able to use our entire bodies in an uninterrupted space (interrupted by four walls and a roof) to express and extend our thoughts into a physical space that only exists within the elements of the nature itself. Outside provides a space that is limitless and has endless possibilities of what we can learn, be and become.


Have a look at this




I hope that helps! Good luck and let us know how it goes! Pics would be great!

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ooh and

  • fabric
  • thermal blankets
  • wind chimes
  • streamers
  • guttering
  • wormery
  • bird feeders
  • bird table
  • wild flowers/habitat
  • hammock
  • tyre swing
  • fire pit/ cooking area/ clay oven

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real house bricks! Our love them for building low level walls with sand and delivering them from end of the garden to another in wheelbarrows. A builder parent donated them.

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