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Ofsted? V twitchy!


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So.. our last inspection was Autumn 2008, and we have been on tenterhooks all last term but no show. My chair yesterday had a call from ofsted checking an outstanding crb for a committee member... does this mean they are looking at us and we should expect a visit soon??? Or is this completely random? Really just want to get it over with now!

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Oh Devondaisy if only they knew how stressful this event is for everyone. It may well be a coincidence that they have contacted you regarding an outstanding crb, but I suppose once brought up on the system it could show your last inspection date.

Having had an inspection within the new revised EYFS it really wasn't as bad as I had envisaged. Just do what you always do, do it well and sell yourselves.

Good luck if they arrive. :)

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Hi Devondaisy


I don't know if that contact is indicative of an imminent inspection or not :blink: could be I suppose.......


Anyway - just wanted to say good luck if/when it does happen :1b


My last inspection was madly overdue and I know just what you mean about being 'twitchy' - I was too! :D

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Thanks everyone. We are as ready as we ever will be, just want them to come now. Seem to have been waiting for so long!!!


It is awful the wait isn't it :( We were about 2 years overdue - we had a random ofsted phone call asking if we had any changes in hours, that was before the summer hols - we then had our inspection two weeks into sept term (2011). However the inspector didn't have a clue about our opening hours and thought we were mornings only, so not sure if the phone call was related or not.

Mind you it was also very obvious that she hadn't bothered to read our SEF - but that's a whole other story. I think she was just a very lazy lady TBH.

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The Head at the school on same site as us range yesterday to say they had Ofsted in (today) and the inspector had asked where there any other provision on the site, so obviously Head said yes, but independent of school....so as with last 2 inspections when we were inspected on the same day was expecting to be inspected on the same day! Will this still be the case now under the new Ofsted (think company called Serco) are doing schools inspection. School were due an inspection (satisfactory grading) but we have outstanding status, heard that ofsted were working their way up list of satisfactory settings from Sept 2012.

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