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I have spent a couple of days out of setting this week for training and must say it was nice to be away - today I sent one member of staff home as she was unwell and is always so supportive - i needed to give the same back - only 8 children and 3 staff and had a really productive and enjoyable time with the children . by the the time the children had gone I was feeling frustrated at certain staff members and lack of logic , common sense - one in particular very very slow and seems to forget where everything goes - so I went through the procedures with both of them but came home feeling a little vexed, only to open an email from a parent whose kind words reminded me why I do the job I do . Her child has had a difficult time separating and so has mum - sadly due to circumstances there were never opportunities to leave them as ex partner said she could not - I visited at home -helped set up early funding and 2 days the last week she has let mum leave with no tears and comes home bursting with tales of preschool . mum thanked us for helping both of them and making a difference as her child is so much better around others outside of preschool too. must say it brought a tear to my eye and reminded me why I do this job - the power of words eh :P

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that's lovely lashes - thanks for sharing :-)


I think in our profession we are sooo busy striving for improvement, trying to make sure everything is at its best that we get too hung up on the 'negative' and don't always stop, acknowledge and paddle in the lovely things parents can say - and like you said it makes you fell so much better


Have a fab and restful weekend :1b

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did a school visit with a mum yesterday who was very anxious about the prospect of her autistic child starting mainstream school in sept so I organsied a tour with the headmaster to help put her mind at rest. At one point the head teacher told the parent to trust what I said as I was damn good at my job, a throw away statement but it made my day.


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