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I am just returning from maternity leave (Tomorrow) but have taken on the role of volunteer Secretary, as i am only going back part time as Deputy Leader. We have an issue with a part-time member of staff ringing in sick most nearly once a week. We have a bank staff member who has gone through the recruitment process with a previous committee but quite frankly I would not want her in the setting! We also have a newly qualified level 3 volunteer who has not even been inducted yet (she has had a CRB check done with us) and was used today to cover. I have been asked by the Chair to go through the induction process with her. But I have just completed the PSLA recruitment course and feel that we should go through the recruitment process properly with her as i do not want to be working with someone who isn't right for the setting - application form, references, interview, etc.


What do you think, I'm sure OFSTED will want to know how we recruited our latest member of staff (bank staff) - as a volunteer she should have gone through the recruitment process anyway shouldn't she?


Please let me know what you think



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I would get all to complete application form, references, CRB, induction in my setting. Maybe interview / record of questions only for permanent member. I thought you had to.


Sorry, do you mean the staff member, bank staff or volunteer? Staff member and bank staff have gone through the recruitment process with previous committee. Volunteer who worked today has not, but can we give her a bank staff role without advertising?

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yes you can give someone a role without advertising.. if you feel they are suitable... but they would need to have all the application forms, references, and checks done and we used to put in there a written reason why we employed them , same as if they had been interviewed.


many jobs recruit without advertising...( in many industries... think of head hunting etc.. my son has never applied for a job but was offered them with no formal interview when he did informal visits, right qualifications and attitude .. or in the last case when he had been sent there to do a job, bit complicated but same company different country.)..

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