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Hello, can anyone tell me if they carry out peer observations in their settings, and if you do do you find them helpful?


Do you use a set format for recording the observation and discuss with all staff or just the observed staff member?


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I have to admit Rea i did wonder what a super idiom was!! I thought it was some piece of techie spak tht had passed me by!!


I rarely if ever do p on p obs. Firstly I feel I really dont need to- we are a small team and really I could tell you off the top of my head how each one will work in a given situation. We have all worked together for many (too many sometimes) years. 2nd, I'm not sure they serve any real purpose- if they know you are doing them- they will act differently we all do- it's human nature- like having a camera on you & 3rd Time- we just about have enough time to do everything else let alone written obs on each other.

I have to admit to quite liking the article that was in the resources library- it was very interesting

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