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Diwali sweets


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we use an easy recipe;


225g dessicated coconut

100g icing sugar

200g condensed milk - you can get it in tubes and its easy to just sqirt in


mix alltogether

roll into little balls

coat with icing sugar

leave to set - we put ours in those little sweetie cases


you could let each child make their own, its roughly twice as much coconut to icing sugar and enough condensed milk to bind.

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I have just taken this from Juliets fab article here


Indian sweets - ask the children to help you soak some dried apricots in water or orange juice. Leave them until the next day. Do the children notice that the dried fruit has swollen up over night? Drain off the liquid and cut the apricots in half. The children can put a teaspoonful of cream cheese inside each apricot. Share them at snack time.

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we used same as conker but each child could make their own .. 2 teaspoons dessicated coconut, 1 teaspoon icing sugar and a bit of condensed milk to bind it to make balls.. roll in coconut if you want before it is set.. (coconut ice )

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