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book on breaking rules!


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First time posting!

Had lots of great ideas from you all, thanks to everyone.

Does anyone know of any story books to read to my reception class about breaking rules and consequences! A bit of an issue this year!


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Thank you I've had a look at the Usborne ones and they look good, especially the one about lies! A couple of my children are a bit unsure on this one. Child accussed my TA of telling lies about child running in the school! Managing feelings and being aware of others is also an issue this year, not sure if others are finding this or am I just lucky?

I use this site so much and have found it really helpful, especially when you feel like the only one in the school who has an understanding of young children.

Yes cute dog is waiting for me to stop using the laptop and take her for walkies :)

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Hello and welcome,


Just a quick warning - DO NOT walk your dog near me - I WILL steal her :D ::1a ... I miss my dog soo much... :(





Edited to say (what I came on the thread to do!)


We used to have a lovely book about how the class never listened/followed rules and the teacher got so upset she walked out - then all the children run amok - first they were all happy and excited .... and all ended up hurt, having accidents, getting upset etc.

The children loved it - but I cannot remember what it was called.

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"It was you blue kangaroo", I'm not sure if this is the exact name of the book but it is about a little girl who blames her teddy for lots of naughty things until her mum takes it away, quite good for lies and consequences.


Hope that helps x

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