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Jungle in a Tuff spot. Ideas needed.


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Am intending to set up a jungle/habitat in a Tuff spot next week. I have three boys who are obsessed with the wild animals and always get them out no matter what. After observing them this week they do not seem to have any structured kind of play with them, they transport them to every activity and just thump them around or use them as weapons :angry: I wondered if the play may become more imaginative and structured if they have an exciting habitat. I have got some fake grass as a base and we were wondering about living plants, does anybody know what would be the best to use that is not dangerous? Any other ideas would be really welcomed :1b

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We wondered about fake aquarium plants as we have a lot of' tippers up' and' transporters' at the moment. I've seen some long leaves that look like grass and some that look a bit like creepers. Not too expensive in Wilkinsons and will be investigating over half term.


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I would let the children make the jungle with you :

line the tuff spot with hanging basket moss/soil,stones,pebbles etc.

add tree branches stuck in plasticine in small plastic cups (paint in jungle colours)coli around some pipe cleaner 'snakes'

make pot plant flowers/exotic plants

add a tin lid or a small bowl lined with foil (water hole)

add an area for hay/straw/lentils,porridge oats and sand as many different textures that you and the children can come up with

add small world people, animals

make clay or dough animals


just let them run wild with their imagination and have fun!


Go on Safari

Set up an activity focussing on patterns of the animals which they have to match obviously depending on what animals you put in the jungle. Hide different animals and introduce them to camouflage.

Record some sounds of the jungle and see if they know which animal makes the sound.

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we have lots of plants in the setting ...real and fake including a collection of spider plants which are very well behaved and have babies regularly!

We also have large plants in pots that can be gathered together to make a 'life size' jungle too (well life size for a 3 year old!)

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