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After reading some illuminating online conversations with the guy who owns the site in which he behaved very unprofessionally and dodged questions about the legality and security of his site I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.


He also has a habit of setting profiles up on internet forums to ask about his product in order that he can advertise it by 'answering' the questions.

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hmmm :unsure: thanks for that i'm just trying to sort something out that would hopefully:

1- reduce paperwork & printing costs and

2- enable all my parents to have constant access to their childs records that they can add to as well.

i think for me & my parents it would be much easier to put things straight onto something like baby days so it is easily accessible anytime and anywhere?

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I would think carefully about how safe the information is if it is easily accessible. Where is it stored? Who else could hack into it? Who ensures that only appropriate people have open access to it?


You need to show that you have thought carefully about how data like this is kept secure.


What sort of setting do you have? Maybe if you give a bit more detail others can make recommendations for you.

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Hi Paula -

No PRAMS isn't ideal for parent access - I think Susan was probably thinking of your need to reduce paperwork. PRAMS is more dedicated towards analysing observations and assessing EYFS progress.


You might want to take a look at Tapestry though, if you're looking around? It's explicitly designed to provide learning journal style records that parents have access to and can contribute to. You can find an introduction to it here.

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I tried babysdays however had huge problems after spending hours loading in info setting up profiles and linking planning it failed to auto save as promised! Got full refund and back to my usual way xx

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