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I don't know what happened today......what should I do?


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Ok here goes!!

I've previously posted about the manager but this is what happened today.....

Some of the staff have been really upset and feel demoralised, victimised, worthless, inadequate(just some of the words they used) and really at an all time low.....in fact they are a word away from all walking out.....basically by the treatment they receive from manager/owner. It starts off none of them have had training in planning they'd got just got their heads round it and EYFS changed although there are only minor tweaks to planning its thrown them because they were not confident with it anyway. The manager has basically said some unbelievable things to them(not witnessed by anyone else) because the planning isn't up to scratch, something that i am personally working on one-to-one with all staff. i felt it was my job to raise their feelings as they had come to me about it and i felt the comments were completely unacceptable and unnecessary....basically she said they're lying....what do I do?

I've stressed that a meeting with the individuals needs to be had to ensure this matter is dealt with i was close to end of my shift and the manager wanted to do sessions alone i stayed for one meeting and insisted she wait til tomorrow to do the others, its her word against there's and i'm not taking sides.....its not the first time the manager has been dishonest but i don't want to put the staff at risk of another ear bashing, so to speak, or her at risk of them fabricating stories, if that is the case, whichever side is the truth. Is this the right thing to do?? I have no one higher to speak to.....

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It sounds a dreadful situation! I think it might need to be a full team meeting, rather than one t a time, because that can lead to a 'she said this' type of situation. At least a few staff members at once. She needs to realise that everyone is unhappy!

Is she a working manager? Hands on? Does she have a key group? If she has some examples of the kind of way she wants you all to plan, it would be a start.

Are you deputy? I can't remember

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Yep i'm deputy......the funny thing is I lead the planning I put it all in place and she has never actual done a single piece of planning only the odd post it note!The planning is really tight it works and its just a case of inexperienced staff(some with learning difficulties) need time and support to learn which I am doing. But she keeps going behind my back and telling staff to do it a different way which I addressed today! So they're getting more and more confused but its not that that is the niggest issue its the comments, insults and the way feedback is given :(

Thanks Cait will suggest team meeting tomorrow.

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Oh dear Jules what an awful situation for you and the staff.


Has she always been like this - or has something gone very wrong in her own life outside of work?


I'm also an owner/manager and it can be 'tough at the top' - obviously I'm not trying to excuse what she's been doing but trying to think why.......


I think Cait's suggestion for a team meeting is good.........what about staff supervisions, appraisals does she carry these out?


How sad too to be so 'hung up' over planning - I'm sure that you have read on this forum that lot's of us have virtually given up on planning........


Is she happy with the rest of their work - is it just planning?

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She's always like this....the funny thing is the staff need help with their planning but it's only tweaks(she actually has never done the planning so she can't comment on it/help them with it) she's always been this way ranging from how you wipe a table to how you wipe a nose...sometimes the reason to shout and name call is laughable, but not with everyone.....she'd never dream of speaking to some staff the way she has, which is why its so unfair!


I get exactly what you mean Sunnyday....Although everything seems fine with her and she hasn't mentioned any problems, I think she maybe having some sort of breakdown....i'm going to sit down with her next week and have a heart to heart there's a lot of things that need to be done and addressed and I don't think she's coping!


We had a team meeting Cait(the staff were much more confident in expressing their feelings knowing they were all feeling the same so thanks for the advice.....She apologised to all staff involved and accepted what she did was wrong :)


Thanks Gateway, I'm not sure the grievance thing is in contract will have a look.....she is the highest person they can go to(what do you do in that situation, when the person at the top is the person who you have the grievance with??)


Thanks everyone ;)

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