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Hi, Im not sure if this is the right place for this, but here goes. We are a small pre school renting a demountable on school grounds. We have always had use of the school playground for outside play, but this has now changed. We apparently interfere with the schools free flow play. The area we have been 'given' access to is main walkway access for parents, which also houses a drain that overflows when the toilets block. We dont want to cause a breech in our working relationship with the school, but without suitable outside play I'm not sure what to do. before I go to the Head again or try legal action, I thought I'd try for some advice . Thanks

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difficulty we have is I had already asked ofsted if we could do that and they said they wouldnt pass the area due to the drain.. The rest of the issues Im sure I could resolve,would cost but could work. Not sure what I can do about the drain issue. Toilet paper, etc runs straight into the proposed play area and its left to our staff to clear and discinfect. Not fun, but at least children arent there to get caught in it.

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apparently not ! as we are 'nothing to do with the school, a small business' they feel they've dealt with it ! All I can think of is trying the EYA to mediate. Altho the pre school hasbeen there 25+ years and worked closely with us, they feel they can't meet their free flow requirements with us using the outside play area. I wouldn't find it so sad if most of our children didn't move on to their reception class. Just feeling really dissolutioned tonight, I thought the new EYFS was about inclusion, working in parnership etc. As for the drain issue we've sorted it so many times, we had the council come to unblock it but it seems to be an ongoing problem. I think as the school has expanded and put new toilets in the drainage isnt adequate to cope with the added waste.

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Hi Minnie

What an awful situation for you.........


It seems terribly unjust that the school are treating you like this - do they really understand that this issue will effect your sustainability?


It seems that they understand the importance of free flow within their environment so how can they not understand that you have the same requirements?


I think that yes, you do need to get your EYA on board.


Is there some sort of hidden agenda here - they're not trying to 'get rid' of you are they - oh I do hope not........


Surely they have to take responsibility for the drain problem - how horrible if this is 'parent's main walk way'.......


Is there a time within the school day that their children are not outside - could you go out at that time?


Can you walk the children to a nearby space - a play-park or similar?


In my 'set-up' I can't offer 'free-flow' in it's real form - but I can make sure that my children get daily outdoor time - we just have to go 'en masse'


Not really sure that any of that really helps.........


Don't forget to let us know how you progress with this..........Good luck :1b

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