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trying again-accessibility plans


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Hi all thought I would try again with this one see if any one can help!!! original post below





does anybody still do a development plan and physical and curriculum access plans? these were in my operational file so I don't know if anyone still has anything like that. I do them every year and never know what to put on them!


At the moment we have a SEF and I have made up an action plan on all the changes brought about by EYFS and timescales etc... feels like just repeating the same thing over and over. Originally there were issues with access to the hall but these are now fixed and there is no issues with access so do I need to keep writing this every year in a physical access plan? curriculum access will be covered by the measure taken to assimilate the new EYFS so again do I have to have a curriculum access plan?


They were something I inherited from previous managers before the SEF came in so I am wondering if they were tailed over from needing some reflective practice/self-evaluation of practice. I suppose if I am honest there was so much to sort out I just re-did them each year as they were needing renewing (how bad is that!!) I notice that some of you on here use the themes and commitments to make overarching learning plans so do you just do that and a SEF? bit confused!!!!


hope I am making sense what does everybody else do?

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We used to have an accesibility plan, I think a company came and did one for us and then we kind of took bits from it and added it to our action plan. I will just continue to do this through our SEF and termy action plans. No point writing the same thing in five different places!!

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Johanna ....i have helped to write access plans for schools before. They included all the things you would need to do to improve access for anyone who had an sen or disability. If you have a diverse group using your hall then it might be worth thinking about but i think as a pre-school these are things that i would put in my sef (so for instance we have no wheelchair access to our garden ...this is due to be done shortly so i would include it in improvements for the future/evaluation) it might also include painting white lines on steps/providing doorbells with lights etc etc so taking into account any disability. I would doubt you NEED to do this now unless it is a condition of hire/insurance etc but you would need to think about what you might be able to improve. Curriculum access is also about how you would differentiate in order for children with sen to access all you do! If you feel this is all still relevant i think i would be putting it in an action plan with dates to be completed...if it's something you can't do then make reference to it in your sef and say how you get round the problem. I don't think there is any need for you to continue with the plan unless you have exeptional circumstances

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thank you everyone. We did have issues with wheel chair access we do have a lot of children come to our building that have extra needs however everything has been done and I was beginning to get to the point where there wasn't anything left to write. The access for curriculum again we tend to refer to in SEF so again was feeling like I was writing it over and over!!!


We will update SEF every term so maybe I need to look more at how we do our action plans!!!

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