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Lots of us working on Bank Holiday Monday again - what a dedicated (mad) lot we are.


Just going over child protection issues etc - mobile phone policy, photographs etc and just have a quick question for anyone out there.


We have one nursery camera and as the owner/manager of a very small nursery, I take the camera home to download and print the photos. Once I have downloaded them from the camera, I delete them from the camera but I do keep the photos filed on my computer. We have very good protection systems at home - firewalls etc but I am just wondering do you all delete the photos from your computers. I update our website with photos for the password protected area for the parents and print off for photo albums for ofsted of what the children have been doing and because I haven't got time to download and print photos and then update the website as well I save the photos so that I can update the web and print off for the albums when I have time. I'm beginning to think that I should delete all the photos - anyone have a view about this? All views welcome.

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I keep all the photos and give them to parents on a CD when the child leaves, then I get rid of them, printing a few of each child for a 'rogues gallery' scrapbook.


I have a password protected portable drive and they go everywhere on that - nothing is left on any PC either at work or here. It's not foolproof - I had an incident a few years back when I lost everything when the pendrive stopped working, but hopefully this drive will be more robust

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I used to keep them for a set period of time... was part of the permissions parents signed for us to take the pictures .


I had a paragraph about who would be taking them, with what, how they would be stored and accessed including for how long... ( ours was a year from taking the picture, allowed me to have them for long enough to print and sort out for the year and I removed them all each summer.. ) , how they would be used etc.. parents signed this when the child started.. any not wanting this were immediately deleted .. only had a few who refused permission, but often found they tended to allow them later in the year once they saw all the others on display etc.. usually only for use in the setting.


Ours did state they would be on my home pc etc.. no one ever objected about it.. as Cait says other alternative is to put them on a removable storage... you can get small external hard drives as a very good price now that hold loads..

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I do similar to you.


We use a specific camera and I bring the camera home to download the photos. I put them in a file and date them.

They can then be referred to at any time.

Photos have been used for books, magazine articles and courses and training, obviously with parental permission.


In our policy I state that I take the photos home so I am upfront there


I couldn't keep them on the system at work it isn't very up to date and doesnt have much storage capability


I am not sure this way is great but I am not sure what else I could do

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Thanks for your replies. I will definitely put something in our policy/permission form about the fact that they are on my computer and will now probably be deleting them after a time or perhaps archiving them so that they can't be accessed easily. :1b

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Nice post, again something that effects most settings. We need to take pictures as evidence, therefor the camera is a security issue, and what is done with that camera whilst it is at your setting. Im pretty sure it has more to do with the Vanessa George type incident than somebody getting old of a few innocent childrens pictures. (Although i wouldn't like the thought of my childrens pictures in the hands of strangers) but i really still think it has more to do with how your nursery camera and any mobile phone cameras are monitored.


Yes the storage of pictures would be best to be as secure as possible for confidentiality reasons.


Just remebered that our EYA did mention to delete pics once printed and used though!!! Hmmmm...

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I do a similar thing, I take the camera card home each day to upload photos to our daily blog but I upload them straight from the card rather than downloading them onto my pc first. We then get the photo's developed at boots as it is out cheapest option.


I went on the safeguarding lead practitioner training recently and queried if what I was doing was ok and he said yes absolutely fine :)

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