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This is probably going to sound very stupid but bear with me!


One of the things I find hardest about getting any new (or revised!) document in to my head is the terms used. Even if they haven't actually changed I start finding that I doubt myself and get confused about what I'm talking about. It's even worse when talking to people who don't sleep with the EYFS under their pillow (SLT in school!) and I can find I've been talking at cross purposes for ages.


So, I was wondering if anyone would like to confirm that they are talking about the same thing as me!


Theme - unique child, positive relationships, enabling environment, learning and development


Characteristics of effective learning - are, well, characteristics of effective learning!


Area of Learning - there are 7 of these, 3 prime (PSED, PD, CL) and 4 specific (Lit, Maths, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design)


Aspect - the 'sub-headings' within each Area of learning


Now a question - what do you call the statements within each aspect? I'm pretty sure I refer to them as 'DM statements' and the ELG is the one in bold in the 40-60 month bracket.


Am I talking rubbish? I'm very tempted to put an 'EY dictionary' up on the wall in the staff room so that passing KS2 teachers can understand me!

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Looks good to me Helen. We advise our foundation degree students to use a little address book to make their own glossary for just this reason - its a good way to make sure they use vocabulary and terminology correctly and also that they understand exactly what they're talking about! :P

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Thank you! The inside of my head is a big swirly mess of EYFS soup at the moment. I keep trying to get a rest from it by doing reading for other areas I'm responsible for but as they include anti-bullying and SRE it's not helping much!


HappyMaz - the address book is a really good idea! Thank you.

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